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The Integrated Health Care Academy

The Integrated Health Care Academy is a new initiative jointly run by the University of Suffolk, Suffolk County Council, the Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System, Healthwatch Suffolk supported by other community and voluntary sector organisations including Suffolk MIND and local hospices.

What is the purpose of the Integrated Health Care Academy?

The purpose of the Academy is to improve the health and wellbeing of communities in Suffolk and north east Essex by offering outstanding education and training for health and care professionals. This includes our existing workforce, as well as people considering careers in this area.

The academy will also conduct research to examine the needs of our local population. This will help our health and care system understand how we can best support those needs and reduce health inequalities.

Members of the public will also have access to learning opportunities.

The partners which make up the academy share a common goal. We want to create a world-class educational environment to nurture the skills that we need to benefit the communities we serve.

Our impact

We want to:

  • double the number of places for students wishing to study as nurses, paramedics and radiographers
  • start a new course in physiotherapy
  • increase opportunities for local people to be part of the local health and care workforce
  • attract new students from across the globe, impacting positively on the wider economy in Suffolk and north east Essex
  • enable the development of larger and better specialist spaces for the education of health and social care students
  • offer development opportunities for people in health and social care, focusing on helping them to work more effectively together
  • develop a wide range of information and resources to support best practice in integrated care, and
  • offer clinics available to local people, such as physiotherapy, counselling and psychotherapy.

The Integrated Care Academy's vision

Our vision at the academy is, to enable the best possible integrated care, accessible to all. The academy aims to achieve this through its five programmes of activities, by:

  • providing education, training and development to add capacity, competence and capabilities in integrated care
  • transforming workforce development, both employed and voluntary, to strengthen integrated care
  • embracing leadership and cultural change, to develop and enhance local talent in integrated care
  • boosting the use of digital technology and data in integrated care, creating and implementing new initiatives, and
  • using research and innovation to lead cutting-edge integrated care, to best support our communities.

Our home at the University of Suffolk

The academy is hosted by the University of Suffolk. It works across all the university’s schools and institutes and is accountable to the University Board. It is a partnership with advisory structures and processes that involve the four founding partners, as well as those of other regional, national and international partners, including:

We’re investing in new facilities

We are undertaking a multi-million-pound renovation of the East Building on the university campus, due for completion in September 2022. These new facilities will enable workforce development through education and training as well as research into integrated care.

The new facilities will welcome many partners. For example, counselling and psychotherapy clinics will be supported by Suffolk MIND. St Elizabeth Hospice will support a training and development centre with a focus of providing an outreach hospice centre.

Working in collaboration with our local communities

In collaboration with Healthwatch Suffolk and others, the academy has created a Co-production Hub. Through the Co-production Hub we will listen to, learn from and work with the people, organisations, businesses, policy makers, charities and the communities we serve, to maximise local impact.

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