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Mental Health Service (CAMHS) Partnership Delivery Board will confirm during the first quarter of 2013/14 that the CAMHS Action plan for 2012/13 has met all milestones relating to 2012/13;

 •A Suffolk-based Age-Inclusive Eating Disorders Service will go live by April 2013. 2013/14 should see a
  reduction in admissions for eating disorders to out-of-county specialist (Tier 4) units from a 2012/3 baseline
  and the CCG will be seeking a net promoter score of greater than 75% by March 2014;
 •The directly standardised rate of admissions for diabetic ketoacidosis amongst children will be reduced by
  at least 10% in the period April 2013-March 2015, compared to an April 2011-March 2013 baseline;
 •There will be a statistically significant reduction in the rate of re-admission for paediatric asthma from
  December 2012 onwards. The precise number to aim for will be calculated after the pilot of a new pathway
  ends in November 2012;
 •Recruitment of 45 additional health visitors by August 2013, as stipulated in A Call to Action;
 •Defined pathways between professionals who work with children/families/carers;

 •Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) Scheme to go live in April 2013, having been licensed by the Department of Health. It will provide a licensed programme of support to
  targeted first-time mothers until the child reaches two years of age.

 Key actions:

 Specific projects include:
 •A monthly CAMHS Partnership Board is overseeing the monthly 2012/13 CAMHS action plan. Single Point of Referral (SPOR) and a referral telephone advice line has
  been established by Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust (NSFT) to aid access and signposting to CAMHS services. The CCG is developing an Information
  and Referrals Pack for Professionals and is mapping Primary Mental Health Workers (PMHW's). The CCG also undertakes thematic reviews of complaints and regular
  service issues flagged by primary care and other professionals; these are taken forward and fed back contractually to providers. The CCG is hosting a number of
  multi-agency locality workshops to discuss CAMHS services with stakeholders;
 •The CCG is a member of the Integrated Services Partnership Board (ISPB) which aims to deliver the extra 45 health visitors. The first 20 have been employed from
  September 2012; the remainder are currently in training and are due to complete their training in September 2013. The CCG is actively involved in the allocation of
  the new health visitors to the most appropriate localities;
 •Based on public health data, the CCG has agreed with Suffolk County Council that the FNP scheme will initially be based in Ipswich due to public health data
  identifying this as the area with the greatest need;
 •A business case and service specification for the Eating Disorders service will be reviewed by the CCG in November 2012. The appropriate Eating Disorders users
  group is being consulted with as part of the development of this service development.
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