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Integrated Care

Integrated Care Team

Working with Alliance partners from across health, social care and the voluntary sector our work involves joining up health and care services to make them simpler, so that the public can better access them when in need. Our programme of work focuses on development of proactive services in a community setting to support independence and wellbeing, End of Life Care and development of timely urgent care services and pathways to avoid hospital admission as clinically appropriate

The KingsFund: Integrated care

What is it? Does it work? What does it mean for the NHS?

The CCG's Integrated Care Work Programme focuses particularly on improving the care for frail elderly individuals; improving the health of those most in need; ensuring high quality local services and promoting self-care especially for those with long term conditions (LTCs). It is a fundamental programme supporting the Health and Wellbeing Strategy. It has two areas of focus:

  • improving immediate and emergency care to ensure patients get "the right care, at the right time, in the right place"
  • be that primary, community, ambulance or acute care
  • proactive care of the frail elderly with LTCs, giving them greater control of their care & promoting independence

This Programme will work closely with providers, and in partnership with Suffolk County Council adult community services (social services), Suffolk Family Carers and other voluntary sector organisations. The ambition is to integrate health and care around the needs of the patient and their carers.  During 2013/14 the Integrated Care Programme will:

  • manage growth in A&E activity to ensure sufficient capacity for injuries and emergencies
  • develop further admission avoidance services and develop resources to support patients in the community
  • develop GP practice care for frail elderly people with LTCs to prevent the need for emergency admissions

Suffolk & Yarmouth Strategic Market Review

An independent strategic market review of residential and nursing homes is now available. You can read about it here.

The work was jointly commissioned by Suffolk County Council, NHS Ipswich & East Suffolk, West Suffolk & Great Yarmouth & Waveney Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG).

The findings and recommendations will be shared with the care home market and key stakeholders. Stakeholders will be able to give the recommendations thorough consideration and come up with a set of proposals that will inform a future strategy. This important work will be taken forward by the Care Home 360 Co-Design Group that includes representatives from service user and carer organisations, voluntary care sector, service providers and health and social care commissioners. 

If you would like further information, please contact Chris Singleton, Joint Programme Lead for the project.


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