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A dementia diagnosis can come as a shock to the person with the condition and those around them. However, there are sources of help and support for everyone involved.

The NHS, social services and voluntary organisations will be able to provide advice and support.

Dementia Together

Dementia Together is the local service, which provides practical information for those curious or concerned about Dementia, along with support for people living with Dementia, their carers and healthcare professionals in Suffolk. 

The service offers a personalised and individual response, aiming to offer advice and support to enable and empower people to understand Dementia, to live well with the condition, make their own choices and feel in control of their lives.

The service offers a single point of contact for Dementia-related information and support so that people only have to tell their story once, no matter which stage of the illness they are at. More information.

Dementia Together Contact Details:

Freephone: 08081 688000
Monday to Friday 9:00am-6:00pm
Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays
email: SRYC.DementiaTogether@nhs.net

If you have a patient who needs urgent help, as their GP you can access these useful agencies:

  1. Dementia Intensive Support Team (DIST)
  2. Flexible Dementia Service (FDS)
  3. Sue Ryder - The Chantry

Dementia Intensive Support Team (DIST) East Suffolk

If a person has a diagnosis or suspected diagnosis of Dementia and has a failing package of care (formal or informal) due to the presence of either behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) or a delirium and therefore requires advice, assessment or support

Note: where there is no concurrent care package there will be need to be simultaneous referral to Adult and Community Services – Suffolk County Council.

Guide to Community Teams providing support to people with Dementia
Ipswich and East Suffolk Service
Mobile: 07852 769172
Hours: Mon-Fri, 09:00-17:00

Dementia Training

In June 2019, the CCG held a training evening for GPs about dementia in primary care and the services that are on offer locally. The evening was filmed and the training videos are available to view online.


Community Memory Assessment Service (CMAS)

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Poster for public

Useful links


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Dementia Friends

Tips for going on holiday as a family living with dementia

GP Guide to Diagnosing Dementia in Younger People

Suffolk Young Dementia Network

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Dementia advisors

Dementia Advisors will enable you to find the help you need to live independently in your own home. Read more...
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