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Dementia Advisors

Dementia Advisors will enable you to find the help you need to live independently in your own home. A local Dementia Advisor can arrange a time to come and see you to offer information and advice tailored to your own situation. We know that your circumstances will change over time. In order to make decisions about your life, you will need to be well informed. Dementia Advisors will be available to continue to offer advice whenever you need it and link you with the services and support you may need.

The Dementia Advisor service can be accessed by the Helpline and anyone who has a diagnosis that calls the Helpline will automatically be passed the details of the Dementia Advisor service. 

Why have these services been introduced?

  • In Suffolk, a high proportion of the older population is living with dementia. Many of these people live alone or in isolated rural areas
  • A number of older people are cared for by their partner or an older relative, which makes living with dementia more difficult for all concerned
  • The number of older people in the county is set to increase. This means more people will be living with dementia in the future

If a person has a diagnosis or suspected diagnosis of Dementia and has a failing package of care (formal or informal) due to the presence of either behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) or a delirium and therefore requires advice, assessment or support where there is no concurrent care package there will be need to be simultaneous referral to Adult and Community Services – Suffolk County Council.

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