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End of Life Documents

My Care Wishes Folder (Yellow Folder)

The My Care Wishes Folder (yellow folder) helps individuals living with a long term or life limiting illness to plan for the care pathways that they want in place.

My Care Wishes enables planning much earlier in an individual’s life, starting vital conversations earlier to ensure that family and care teams know what an individual would like to happen to them when they become less well; this includes in an urgent situation.

My Care Wishes also captures an individual’s wishes around further ‘active’ treatment and hospitalisation versus remaining in their usual place of residence and receiving symptom control / palliative care.  This key information is captured in the Personalised Shared Care and Support Plan held within the My Care Wishes folder.

The My Care Wishes Folder should be easily accessible (with the folder location sticker completed and stuck on the fridge).  Within a care home setting the folder should remain in the resident’s room.  This is particularly important in out of hours emergency situations, especially if bank and agency staff are on duty.  It ensures that all care staff will have all key information in the one place.

My Care Wishes has been developed with system partners across east and west Suffolk including both Suffolk Hospices.

The folder contains the following documents;

  • Location Sticker (to be placed on fridge)
  • DNACPR Form
  • DNRCPR - Completion guidance
  • Personalised Shared Care & Support Plan
  • Directory of  Key Contacts
  • Clinical Frailty Scale
  • Family information sheet


For My Care Wishes (yellow folder) requests (healthcare professionals only) please contact:

Jennifer Burman
Email: Jennifer.burman@nhs.net

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