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Directory of Services (DoS) and NHS 111 Service

The Directory of Services (DoS) is a national web-based directory developed by the Department of Health and populated locally, listing health, social care and third sector services.

The DoS will be used for two purposes in Suffolk, they are;

An online directory

The DoS can be used by GPs and practices who want to access up to date information e.g. to identify alternatives to a hospital admission, such as services available within the community.

Find out how the DoS works...

NHS 111

The DoS will be used to implement the NHS 111 project, which is a national single point of access for unscheduled care, launching in Suffolk in February 2013. The free to call service is available 24-7 and helps patients, via a call-handler using DoS, find the most appropriate service available to them based on distance and medical needs. The NHS 111 service will replace NHS Direct on 31st March 2013.  Find out how the 111 service works...

Ipswich and East Suffolk Falls Directory

The Falls Directory is for Health and Social Care professionals to locate the most appropriate services for patients, having recognised that they are at risk of falling, in the event of a fall or for fall rehabilitation.

Go to: www.fallsdirectoryipswich.co.uk
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