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Updated PGDs

PGDs for vaccinations can now be found on the regional East of England Immunisation Team website.

This website contains all up-to-date PGDs and other useful links such as: The Green Book, Vaccine Update, Reporting cold chain breaches, etc.

Patient Group Directions

Patient Group Directions (PGDs) for the supply and administration of general vaccinations.

The legal definition of a PGD is "a written instruction for the supply and/or administration of a licensed medicine (or medicines) in an identified clinical situation, signed by a doctor or dentist and a pharmacist". It applies to groups of patients who may not be individually identified before presenting for treatment.

PGDs are produced by NHS England and are sent out through the NHS England gateway.  NHSE intend to make these PGDs available via their website in the near future; in the interim the CCG has agreed to upload the PGDs for practice reference.

Please note: This page is not routinely reviewed and it is the clinician’s responsibility to ensure that the PGDs they are using are up to date.  


Medicines management team

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