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Antibiotic resource pack

The antibiotic resource pack has been designed to build on the work initiated by the 2018/19 Antibiotic LES to improve the quality of antibiotic prescribing within GP practices, to reduce the use of broad spectrum antibiotics and contribute to reducing the development of antibiotic resistance. The pack will aid practice based discussions and highlight areas to target where improvements in prescribing habits could be implemented.

Use of the pack will contribute to:

•           Reducing inappropriate prescribing

•           Increased adherence to CCG formulary and national guidance

•           Education of prescribers

•           Achievement of the prescribing incentive scheme metrics

•           Achievement of the 2018/19 Antibiotic LES

•           Compliance with CCG Quality Premium targets

•           Signpost to patient leaflets and additional resources

The information provided in this pack should be used as follows:

1.     Carry out the self-assessment tool to identify baseline position and highlight areas for improvement

2.     Review of the practice data to identify prescribing areas to focus on

3.     Conduct practice meetings with all prescribers to review prescribing habits and produce an action plan to improve prescribing

4.     Document actions and implementation dates which can be reviewed at future meetings

5.     Ensure copies of the quick reference formulary guide are available in all consultation rooms

6.     Disseminate “top tips” information to all prescribers

7.     Provide patients with the relevant information leaflets during all future consultations

8.     Continue with regular meetings to review outstanding actions and monitor prescribing habits with available data

9.     Annual review of self-assessment tool identify areas for future development

Individual practice data relating to antibiotic prescriptions can be supplied by the medicines management team.

If you have any feedback, or require support in using the resource pack then please contact the Medicines Management Team ( 01473 770249

Please see link below to download all documents

Click here to down the files as a zip file:

Click here for the most recent antibiotic prescribing data by practice/PCN 

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