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What is DXS Point-of-Care?

DXS Point-of-Care is a Clinical Decision Support Tool that provides you with an easy way of accessing documents and content in your workflow.

Content is provided by your CCG and supplemented from trusted sources such as NICE, Patient UK, SIGN, Red Whale and many others. All content is linked to Read codes and can also be searched by description or browsed by category. Content is updated daily and usage reports are available to your CCG. Content includes:

  • Care pathways 
  • Referral forms 
  • Patient education 
  • Medicine reference 
  • A directory of services
  • Treatment guidelines 
  • And more!

If you have any comments or amendments to the care pathway or referral forms please contact wsccg​.pathwaycontentfeedback​@nhs​.net.

DXS have been creating an integrated SystmOne offering that will provide all the benefits DXS Point of care from within your clinical system. They have created library of QOF condition Templates, Long-term condition pathways & treatment and consultation support. These are designed to assist with identification and management of conditions, all aligned to NICE guidelines and condition specific best practice and links directly to your local content in DXS Point of Care

New DXS Release (Version 5.2.10) February 2020 

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