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Pathways & briefings

This pathways and briefings page provides a central reference point for clinical professionals to access service information, referral guidance and clinical pathway documents at their convenience.

The section below holds service briefing documents that have been distributed to GP practices along with details of the relevant referral processes and pathway structures.

 TitleCategoryCreated Date
Hospital COVID Vaccination Guidance from the Greenbook 07/06/2021
Perioperative Care for People with Diabetes Guideline 2021 13/04/2021
Referral Pathways from Primary to Secondary Care for Acute PatientsReferral Pathway17/03/2021
Tele-Dermatology Go Live!Practice Briefing22/06/2020
Tele-DermatologyPractice Briefing19/05/2020
Prevent Referral Form 16/03/2020
East Lung Suspected Cancer Referral 16/03/2020
Pathology samples - sorting into coloured transport bags 02/03/2020
East Breast Unit Referral Male 28/02/2020
East Breast Unit Female Referral 28/02/2020
Older Peoples services integrated pathway 24/02/2020
FIT-East Study Patient Information sheet 03/02/2020
FIT-East Study Patient Consent Form 03/02/2020
Fibromyalgia pathwayPractice Briefing17/01/2020
Flu Outbreak flow chart 25/11/2019
13 - 17 years Sexual Abuse Referral Centre PathwayPathways31/10/2019
Under 13s Sexual Abuse Referral Centre PathwayPathway31/10/2019
Neurology PRG & Suspected SeizurePractice Briefing21/10/2019
Lipids ClinicPractice Briefing27/09/2019
Paediatric DiabetesReferral Pathway06/09/2019
TIA Referrals Practice BriefingPractice Briefing05/09/2019
Direct Access Audiology 07/06/2019
Direct Access Letter 07/06/2019
Direct Access MRI IAM for Adults 07/06/2019
Faecal Immunochemical Test in Primary Care (FIT in PC)Practice briefing30/04/2019
COPD Respiratory HOT ClinicPractice briefing20/03/2019
Living Life to the Full (LLTTF)Practice Briefing18/03/2019
Enhanced Lifestyle Support Programme for people with Type 2 DiabetesPractice Briefing02/01/2019
ME CFS PathwayPractice Briefing10/09/2018
East Suffolk Eye Care ServicesPractice Briefing07/09/2018
Living Life to the FullPractice Briefing03/07/2018
Cardiology PRGPractice Briefing08/05/2018
Specialist Perinatal Mental Health ServicePractice Briefing04/05/2018
COPD Patient Shared Care PlanPractice Briefing21/03/2018
Suffolk Children & Young People’s Emotional Wellbeing Hub for 0-25Practice Briefing06/03/2018
Primay Care Hypertension PathwayClinical Pathway26/02/2018
Hypertension PathwayPractice Briefing12/02/2018
Colorectal (Lower GI) Surgical ServicesBriefing08/12/2017
2ww e-ReferralsBriefing06/11/2017
Information SharingBriefing29/09/2017
New Upper GI Surgical services referral form BriefingBriefing24/07/2017
Ipswich Hospital Virtual Fracture ClinicBriefing05/05/2017
Accessing Community Beds Step Up ProtocolProtocol18/04/2017
Sleep Apnoea PathwayClinical Pathway18/04/2017
Respiratory PRG and Sleep Apnoea Pathway - Practice BriefingFull Briefing18/04/2017
Wheelchair Scales in Practices - Practice BriefingBriefing13/04/2017
Dermatology screening clinic - Practice service briefingBriefing05/04/2017
Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy (OPAT) BriefingBriefing22/03/2017
Gastroenterological services Pre-referral guidancePRG Briefing08/03/2017
Gastro: IBS pathwayClinical Pathway16/02/2017
Gastro: Liver pathwayClinical Pathway23/12/2016
Gastro: Dyspepsia pathwayClinical Pathway23/12/2016
Gastro: Anaemia pathway Clinical Pathway23/12/2016
Macmillan Ipswich Diagnostic Assessment Service (MIDAS) Full Briefing08/12/2016
Faecal Calprotectin test for suspected IBS / IBDReferral Guidelines20/10/2016
Practice briefing - MSK FormBriefing04/10/2016
Integrated Musculoskeletal (MSK) ServiceFull Briefing26/09/2016
Primary Care Mental Health Service: Wellbeing SuffolkBriefing25/08/2016
Pre-referral guidance pathways Gastroenterology 04/04/2016
I&ESCCG ENT Top Tips 24/03/2016
Practice Briefing for ENT PRG and Top TipsBriefing24/03/2016
Winter Schemes Briefing Sheet 2015/16Briefing08/01/2016
Crisis Action Team (CAT) Practice BriefingFull Briefing17/11/2015
Community Reablement Beds Pilot - Patient CriteriaPatient Criteria06/11/2015
Community Reablement Beds Pilot - Referral ProcessReferral Process06/11/2015
Community Reablement Beds Pilot - BriefingFull Briefing06/11/2015
Frailty Assessment Base (FAB) practice briefingFull Briefing02/10/2015
Female Urinary Incontinence PathwayFull Briefing06/07/2015
Admission Prevention Pilot at Bluebird Lodge Referral ProcessReferral Process29/05/2015
Admission Prevention Pilot at Bluebird LodgeFull Briefing29/05/2015
Community Endoscopy Service - April 2015Full Briefing06/05/2015
Heart Failure pathway incorporating Brain Natriuretic Peptide (BNP) TestingBriefing and Pathway27/04/2015
Primary Mental Health Workers (PMHW)Full Briefing13/04/2015
Paediatric Pathways PAU briefingFull Briefing07/04/2015
Turning Point - Drug and Alcohol ServicesFull Briefing07/04/2015
Bronchiolitis Pathway and Assessment in Primary Care and Community for Children 0-2Clinical Pathway01/04/2015
Fever and LRTI Pathway and Assessment in Primary Care and Community for Children 0-5 yearsClinical Pathway01/04/2015
Gastroenteritis Pathway for Children 0-5 years in a primary care settingClinical Pathway01/04/2015
Suspicious lymph node pathwayClinical Pathway25/03/2015
Autism Diagnostic Service - Quick Referral GuideReferral Process16/03/2015
Autism Diagnostic ServiceFull Briefing16/03/2015
Community EchocardiographyFull Briefing09/01/2015
Admission Prevention PathwaysClinical Pathway02/01/2015
Direct Access AudiologyFull Briefing02/01/2015
Suffolk Careline Assistive Technology 2014Full Briefing24/12/2014
Falls Directory briefing Oct 2014Full Briefing24/12/2014
Paediatric Fever Pathway 08/12/2014
Paediatric Pathways 08/12/2014
Make a Move Pilot ProjectFull Briefing17/11/2014
Community Memory Assessment ServiceFull Briefing12/09/2014
Warm Homes, Healthy People SchemePublic Health08/09/2014
Falls notification and assessment EEAST and SCH - Aug 2014Full Briefing29/08/2014
Syncope pathway - Dec 2014Clinical pathway13/03/2014
Palpitation pathway 24 April 2014Clinical pathway13/03/2014
Atrial Fibrillation Pathway - Jan 2015Clinical pathway13/03/2014
Unexplained weight loss pathwayClinical pathway17/01/2014
NHS 111 and Directory of Services Full Briefing04/03/2013
Advice Letter Listing (ALL) 01/03/2013
Reducing COPD Admissions (Winter Planning)Full Briefing24/01/2013
Mobile Glaucoma Service (June 2012)Full Briefing24/01/2013
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