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Why is Adult Safeguarding important to Suffolk CCGs?

Safeguarding is about supporting and protecting adults at risk from harm, abuse and neglect.

It is everyone’s responsibility.

The safety and well-being of adults at risk who have health needs is of the utmost importance to us.

All Providers that offer Care and support to Adults have a duty to safeguard all those that use their services and have a duty to provide additional measures for those Adults who are less able to protect themselves from harm, abuse and neglect. The SCCGs work with and seek assurances from services to ensure this is the case, especially those that they commission.

Your responsibilities when you have safeguarding concerns:

  • Assess the situation i.e. are emergency services required?
  • Ensure the safety and wellbeing of the individual
  • Establish what the individual’s views and wishes are about the safeguarding issue and procedure
  • Maintain any evidence
  • Follow internal procedures for reporting incidents/risks
  • Remain calm and try not to show any shock or disbelief
  • Listen carefully and demonstrate understanding by acknowledging regret and concern that this has happened
  • Inform the person that you are required to share the information, explaining what information will be shared and why
  • Make a written record of what the person has told you, using their words or what you have seen as well as your actions
  • Contact the MASH Professional consultation line for advice if you are unsure of what to do.

Find out about The Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)


Contact Customer First on 0808 8004005 to make a referral or use the online service via the Suffolk Adult Care Portal. More information can be found on the webpage https://infolink.suffolk.gov.uk

Out of hours you will be diverted to the Emergency Duty Service if you call 0808 800 4005. 

The Multi Agency Framework will support you to manage these situations and guide you as to next steps.

Multi Agency Safeguarding in Suffolk

A Review was recently commissioned by the Suffolk Safeguarding Adults Board, following concerns about how effectively safeguarding services to and for vulnerable adults and older people were being provided and managed.

The review focusses on how the whole system works together and It identified what needed to change to ensure that vulnerable adults and older people receive the best possible services and outcomes when in need of or the subject of safeguarding services.

The three statutory partners Health, Adult Community Services and Police came together to commit to a clear vision to safeguard Adults at risk of abuse in Suffolk.  

Our Vision: Working Together to Keep Adults Safe.

All health care staff have a responsibility to follow the six safeguarding principles that have been imbedded within it.

The 3 Partners have also co-produced a selection of key Multi Agency Policies and Frameworks.

Click on the Links below to access the new frameworks, policies and protocols:

These resources are available for any person who works in a paid or unpaid capacity, for any organisation where they may have a concern about an adult who may be or is at risk of experiencing abuse.

The Suffolk CCGs help to safeguard Adults by:

  • Putting safeguarding at the forefront of service planning.
  • Ensuring executive level CCG membership of The Suffolk Safeguarding Adult Boards and senior CCG membership of the Safeguarding Board Subgroups.
  • Working in partnership with the Local Authorities to make sure the integrated services we fund meet the needs of the local population, including specialist services for vulnerable groups.
  • Having designated and Named professionals in post to offer professional expertise and advice around adult safeguarding matters.
  • Ensuring that safeguarding adult policies and associated strategies are in place within the CCG and for the services we fund.
  • Holding the providers of services to account by regular review of safeguarding arrangements.
  • Ensuring that a health view is an equal partner to any safeguarding enquiry where the health of an individual may be at risk from the actions or inactions of others.
  • Ensuring that the person at risk or the adult who has experienced harm is offered every opportunity to express their view and their choices.

Read the NHS Ipswich & East Suffolk CCG's Safeguarding Adults Policy (PDF)

Legislation and National Policies


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The CCG Adult Safeguarding Team:

Christine Hodby
Designated Nurse for Safeguarding Adults, Lead for MCA/DOLS, Lead for Prevent, LeDeR LAC.

Tabitha Griffin

Designated Adult Safeguarding Nurse at Ipswich and East Suffolk CCG and West Suffolk CCG, based at Endeavour House, Ipswich. Mobile 07971 591479. Email: tabitha.griffin@nhs.net

Ceinwen Wilson

Adult Safeguarding Administrator at Ipswich and East Suffolk CCG and West Suffolk CCG, based at Endeavour House, Ipswich.  Email: ceinwen.wilson@nhs.net

Team Contact Email: IESCCG.AdultSafeguarding@nhs.net 

MASH Health Team, Landmark House, 4 Egerton Road, Ipswich IP1 5PF. Phone: 01473 263200.  Email: cypmash@suffolk.gov.uk

Customer First Public: 0808 8004005

Customer First Professional: 0345 6066167

SEB Smith, Head of MASH  Mobile: 07717 302241

TRACEY Welham, Head of Service Health Tues-Fri  Mobile: 07543 237100

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