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The Role of the Designated Professional

Despite the major reforms of the NHS in April 2013 the role of the Designated Professionals with the NHS is to maintain an overview of the whole health economy in regard to Safeguarding Children and take a strategic professional lead on all aspects of the health service contribution to safeguarding. 

The Designated professionals are there to: 

  • Be clinical experts and strategic leaders in regard to safeguarding children. 
  • Support and advise Named professional’s within Provider organisations in delivering against their safeguarding responsibility. 
  • Support the CCG Quality Assurance process with Providers. 
  • Promote and Facilitate Multi agency working. 
  • Give Clinical advice and guidance 
  • Lead Health engagement with Safeguarding Children’s Board. 
  • Lead Health response to Serious Case Reviews. 
  • Hold an overview of the local health system. 
  • Provide support and advice in regard to best practice and risks/barriers in the system. 
  • Support Child Death Review Process.

This is achieved by: 

  • 1-2-1 Supervision and support of Named Professionals. 
  • Engagement with Multi Agency Partners at a senior level. Develop and review Quality Assurance processes. 
  • Support and Engage GPs around their Safeguarding responsibilities 
  • Work with NHS England and CCG counterparts in order to support cross boundary issues.
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