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FAQs for Clinicians

Q What do we do about verification of death in times of emergency? 
A Follow the link to see the advice on the Gov.uk website

Q How do I make sure I do not miss a sick or very SICK CHILD?
A There has been a spike in seriously ill children presenting late to GPs or Hospitals. Look at this link for your own information and consider texting it to parents. Click HERE

Q What happens if I feel a patient needs a 2 week wait referral?
A Refer as normal. However this will be triaged by a consultant first and sometimes downgraded. Click here for flowchart.

Q What if I want to make a "routine" referral ie not 2ww?
A Follow the Pre-Referral Guidance (PRG) work-up as per normal and refer as normal. However a consultant will triage the referral (rather like the advice and guidance route) and make a decision from there.

Q Does that also apply to urgent referrals like suspected DVT and bleeding in early pregnancy?
A Yes most pathways including DVT and Peggy Cole (EGAU) are still operational. Use them.

Q What about Endoscopy referrals?
A  Endoscopy is not being done. However for lower GI referrals in the absence of bleeding do a FIT (Faecal Immunochemical Test) and appropriate bloods and refer based on the results to your preferred speciality either as a routine referral or 2 week wait as above.

Q What do I do with urgent dental referrals?
A Dentists should be open and able to make an initial assessment by phone. If the patients can get through to 111 then there is a dental triage nurse who can book them in for an emergency dentist based in their locality. However GPs cannot signpost this service as it has to come via the dental triage nurse.

Q Is the phlebotomy service at Ipswich Hospital Path Lab suspended for external patients such as patients sent by their GP?
A Yes it has been. However Landseer Road Phlebotomy Clinic is still open for pre-booked appointments only.

Q Can we reduce pressure on phlebotomy services safely for drugs that need MONITORING by reducing test frequency?
A Yes you may be able to in some circumstances. Click here for guidance from the Specialist Pharmacy Service.

Q Do patients representatives have to attend the surgery to pick up death certificates (MCCDs)?
A No they should not if at all possible. These need to be filled in manually and signed as always by the doctor. They then need to be scanned or photographed and sent electronically to the registrar on this email address: registrars.admin@suffolk.gov.uk  You then need to POST it.

Q Where can I find an electronic version of Cremation Form 4?
A An electronic version to email is available on DXS or also can be dowloaded as a editable PDF here. You then need to POST it. 

Ipswich Crematorium:                  bereavementservices@ipswich.gov.uk
Seven Hills Crematorium:             office@sevenhillsnacton.co.uk
West Suffolk Crematorium:           info@westsuffolkcrematorium.co.uk

Q Is there anywhere on SystmOne where I can access the Fed's Home Visiting Service Palliative Care Meds Protocol?
A  Yes just click on the "Forms" button on the SystmOne toolbar (it is a blue and white SHIELD)

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