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Covid-19 Vaccination

Vaccine resources

Guidance for Practitioners Delivering a Covid Vaccination Service to Care Homes

NHS COVID-19 Vaccination programme Communications Toolkit: pull-out guide for care homes phase 2nd Edition has specific messages and resources for both PCNs and care home providers to help prepare to roll out vaccines in care homes.

Covid-19 Vaccine Deployment in community settings - SOP (version 3, 4 Jan 2021) Latest version is available HERE.

Needle Phobia Service

Covid-19 Vaccine - Mental Capacity Guidance

Vaccines - Easy Read (PDF)

National Vaccine Capacity Assessment Form (Word doc)

Determining Ability to Consent to Vaccination (PDF)

Public Health England Covid-19 vaccine Campaign Resources

Vaccination enquiries

The CCG’s communications team is doing everything it can on all available media channels to explain to patients that they will be contacted when practices are ready to vaccinate them against Covid-19. If you haven’t already done so, please edit your surgery answering machine message to include the following text: “If you are calling to find out when you can have the Covid-19 vaccine, please be assured that you will be contacted by this surgery, or one of our partner surgeries, when we are able to offer you an appointment. At this moment in time only those aged 80 or over are being vaccinated. If you are 80 or over and have not yet been given an appointment, this is because we have not yet received all of our vaccine supply, and so are having to prioritise those patients with pre-existing medical conditions.”

Covid-19 Vaccine - Surgery Website Text
You are welcome to use text at the above link on your website to reinforce the message that patients should wait to be contacted regarding the Covid19 vaccination and not telephone or call in to surgeries to ask when they can have it. You may also wish to include alongside it this link to a Covid19 FAQs page being hosted on the Essex Partnership University NHS Trust (EPUT) website on behalf of all the CCGs across the Suffolk & North East Essex and Mid & South Essex integrated care systems.

NHS Essex Partnership University Trust (EPUT) are coordinating the workforce for delivery of the covid-19 vaccination programme in Suffolk and NE Essex with volunteers to work as stewards. Local vaccination centres will be open from 8am-8pm seven days a week. There are opportunities to work flexible hours, with a minimum commitment of four-hour shifts. At this stage, we are looking for people to work until March 2021.

EPUT Covid Vaccine Volunteers

Suffolk and North East Essex Vaccine Website

A brand-new website has been launched which aims to offer residents of east and west Suffolk and north east Essex a single, comprehensive and accurate source of information about Covid-19 and vaccinations.

Created by health care experts at the Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System (ICS), this locally focused site will contain lots of useful information to inform and reassure people during this time, enabling them to protect their own and their families physical and mental wellbeing.

Visit the website here - www.sneevaccine.org.uk 

The new website will be updated regularly and contain the very latest information on the ongoing vaccination programme in order to give people clarity on this major situation including:

  • Most up-to-date information on who is eligible to receive the vaccine
  • Latest details of locations of vaccination centres
  • Updates on progress of the local vaccination programme
  • Accurate information on efficacy and safety of the vaccines
  • Q&A section covering the most commonly asked questions
  • Interviews with people who have received the vaccine and staff who are delivering the programme

Find my NHS number

A new service is now live to help people find their NHS number. This service is for anyone living in England who has forgotten or does not know their NHS number. Carers can also use this service on behalf of someone else where the name, date of birth and registered home postcode is known. Patients can opt for the number to be sent to them by text, email or letter.

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