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My Care Wishes (Yellow Folder)


Adding the My Care Wishes template to your clinical Tree

1.       Click Setup > Users & Policy > Organisation Preferences

2.       Double Click on “Clinical Policy” on the left to expand the folder

3.       Click on “Tree Configuration”

4.       Find the relevant trees, this will vary depending on whether you have one tree for the practice, or different trees for different job roles.

5.       Right click the Tree and choose “Amend”

6.       If you already have the EPaCCS template on your tree, you should see it is now called “EPaCCS REPLACE WITH MY CARE WISHES”

7.       Click the Existing EPaCCS template and press the black X to the right side to remove it.

8.       On the left, in the Search box type My Care Wishes and click search.

9.       Double click on the My Care Wishes template to add it to your tree

10.       Press Ok

11.       Press OK again

NOTE: If any users have individual trees they have designed themselves, they may need to right click on their tree, Choose “Customise” and then follow this process through to get their own tree to match the new practice standard one.  If anyone has any trouble with this, please log a servicedesk call and a member of the Clinical Systems Support team will help talk you through it.

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Importing the My Care Wishes template

1.       Click HERE to download the latest version of the My Care Wishes template.

2.       To allow the file to be emailed, it will be Zipped in the email.  Right click on it and choose Extract.  This should leave you with a file called My Care Wishes.xml”

3.       Go to EMIS > Configuration > Template Manager

4.       Click Import on the ribbon as shown below

5.       Go to where you saved the template and select it.

6.       Press Ok

Once this is done, you will be able to access the template using the “Run Template” button.

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