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Please find in this section Ophthalmic advice and useful links and documents to help you in the day to day running of your practice.

Safeguarding Children in Suffolk

Suffolk LA: Safeguarding contacts

Please contact Cindie Dunkling (Designated nurse for safeguarding for Suffolk) via email Cindie.dunkling@nhs.net.

Diabetic Screening

Please click here for the NHS Diabetic Eye Screening Programme website.

Optical Fraud

Whilst the majority of people who work in and use the NHS are honest, there is a minority who will seek to defraud the NHS of its valuable resource.  Please click here for an Optical Fraud Overview to discover how to identify and report possible cases of fraud.

Suffolk Local Optical Committee

Suffolk Local Optometric Committee (LOC) is the organisation representing optometrists in Suffolk. It liaises with Suffolk CCGs on matters relating to eye care and represents Suffolk optometrists in negotiations with them.

Click here to see full list of Suffolk LOC members

Eye health leaflet

Devon Local Optical Committee has produced a leaflet to raise public awareness of the importance of eye health and regular eye tests. The leaflets have been distributed widely in Devon through GP and dental surgeries, pharmacies, libraries, hospitals and local authorities, among others. Devon LOC is making it available to others who may find it useful.


If you have an enquiry, please contact england.ea-performerslist@nhs.net

Or visit the NHS England East Anglia Area Team website


Evolutio have moved to a new phone system which will split different service calls into the separate teams.

Evolutio main office number for all general calls:
0203 780 7860

Patient choice line:
0203 780 7869 (only to be used when embedded into an evolutio NHS choice letter)

NHS Referral Fax Number: 0333 240 7729

Click here to read evolutio update letter Nov 2014

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