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This area contains all of the presentations and training materials from clinical training events and development workshops run by the CCG.

Resources from the Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Evening Meetings are also available.

GP education resource packs

Lipid management, Risk Feeding, ICP update and Rheumatology

16 June 2022

Lipid management in primary care

The Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) has developed a NICE endorsed lipid management pathway to support the optimisation of hypercholesterolemia and the primary and secondary prevention of CVD.

The aim of this training is to support the optimisation of hypercholesterolemia and the primary and secondary prevention of CVD. This session will explore its application in general practice.

Watch the recording of the first session here.

Risk Feeding

Kate Harrall,  AHP Clinical Academic Research Lead & Clinical Specialist Speech and Language Therapist at, East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust will be presenting  information about the guideline and supporting documents, and how they can be used by GPs / to raise awareness with GPs so that they are familiar if an SLT talks to them about the documents for a patient.

ICP Update

Susannah Howard will be providing an update on the ICP and the ask for primary care

Clinical Triage in Rheumatology

Rita Abdulkader, Rheumatology consultant, will be presenting the referral pathway and findings from the pilot for AHPS to carry out clinical triage via the SPOA.

Watch the recording of the second session here

Watch the recording of the Care Navigator forum here

Watch the recording of the nurses forum here.


18 May 2022

Positions of Trust: Understanding and learning to recognise Perpetrator’s behaviour  

Jim Gamble, CEO of the Ineqe Safeguarding Group, will provide an insight into offending behaviour and how perpetrators can abuse their positions of trust to facilitate sexual abuse of children and vulnerable adults. The session encourages practitioners to develop professional curiosity by providing insights from perpetrator case studies looking at the tactic’s perpetrators employ to carry out the abuse and the defenses they adopt when suspected or caught.

Paediatric Medical Assessment Guidance and Non-mobile Baby Policy

Dr Rachel Furley Designate Doctor for Safeguarding CYP will present a practical refresher on what action is needed when you have a child or baby with a bruise, injury or unexplained mark, many of these are suggestive of a non accidental injury.  It is essential all-in primary care are fully aware of this guidance and the steps that are then taken by health professionals and other agencies.  The non mobile baby policy will also be covered

What GPs need to know for Court of Protection requests

Linda Putland CHC and MCA & LPS lead will include a discussion around the confirmation of diagnosis requests for GP’s which are required by the Court of Protection for Judicial DoL applications.

Learning from Each Other – good practice

Jo Hutchings & Tabitha Griffin will present What does safeguarding in a GP practice look like and how can we improve processes to safeguard our most vulnerable patients.

Watch the recording of the second session here

ICB update, Training Hub, Perinatal Pelvic Health Service, Thinking differently in Maternity and Patient Medical Records Access

9 March 2022

Integrated Care Board, Alliance and future partnership with Primary Care - Watch the recording here.

Training Hub, Perinatal Pelvic Health, Thinking differently in maternity and Patient Medical Records Access
Watch the recording here.

Medical Examiner Role, Digital Inclusion, Spondyloarthritis

10 February 2022

Medical Examiner Role: Guy Singleton and Dr Rob Mallinson will outline the role of the medical examiner and the new NHS long term strategy.

This is the link for the ELearning for Medical Examiners

Watch the recording here.

Digital Inclusion: The purpose of this session is to share the outcomes of our report on ‘Digital Health and Care’ and specifically the Guiding Principles that have been developed in co-production with service users and family members. We will also reflect on how digital technology is being used in the NHS and how we can improve digital experiences for people.

Spondyloathritis: Sue Voules and Tania Elena Gudu will deliver a talk on Spondyloarthritis . The focus will be on early diagnosis (practical tips/ how to identify the patients that need an early referral to rheumatology, challenges and pitfalls, etc) and management in primary care (with an emphasis on physiotherapy). And finally, we will present our referral pathway as part of the SpA service that we are setting up at Ipswich Hospital.

Watch the recording here.


Winter Pressures, Coroner, Sexual Health, Minor Surgery, Heart Failure, Compassionate Companions, Personalised Care and QOF & IIL

8 December 2021

Watch the first session recording here, this includes the Winter Pressures presentation, "The practice response required to Coroner's Service Requests" and sexual health update. 

Watch the second session recording here, this includes an overview of the new minor surgery service, Heart Failure, Compassionate companions, Personalised Care and Temporary changes to QOF & IIF.


Paediatrics and COVID-19 briefing

11 November 2021
Dr Lauren Filby presenting: Debunking Myths and Defusing Trigger Words… How to see beyond the obvious in paediatrics

Watch the recording

Dr Neil Jackson presenting: Neuro-development followed by Covid-19 and vaccination briefing

Watch the recording


Pain management

13 October 2021

Watch the Pain management presentation recordings here.


Haematology and Frailty

9 September 2021

Watch the Haematology recording here.

Watch the Frailty, EPR and Urgent care referral form recording here.




14 July 2021

Watch the Red Whale: Early diagnosis of cancer presentation here. 

Watch the Prostate Cancer presentation here.

Follow the below links for the C the Signs Training:

Webinar Sign Up
S1 Training Video
EMIS Training Video

Urology, Sustainability and Haematology

17 June 2021

Watch the Urology recording here.

Watch the Sustainability and Haematology here. 



22 April 2021

Watch the recording here.

Resources from Registration Service and Macmillan:


10 March 2021

Watch Recordings


Accompanying resources:

End of Life care

10 February 2021
The Art of Dying Well - palliative care afternoon with Dr Kathryn Mannix.

Development Workshop (speed dates):

Education resource packs 2020

Wed 4 March - Dementia
Thurs 9 July - Respiratory & Covid-19
Wed 12 August - PCN Development
Thurs 10 September - Safeguarding
Wed 7 October - Endocrinology
Thurs 12 November - Personal Wellbeing for Health Professionals in the face of Covid-19
Wed 2 December - Ophthalmology / Diabetes

Personal wellbeing

12 November 2020

Watch the Recording (login required)

Watch the Videos:

Supporting Armed Forces Veterans' Mental Health and Wellbeing (30mins)

Cancer Care Navigator Service (17mins)

Acute Care Pathways from primary care into secondary care (16mins)

Accompanying slides:

Endocrine conundrums in primary care

7 October 2020

Watch the endocrinology video

Eclipse for Diabetes - video

Facebook page for Cervical screening access: facebook.com/Cervical.Screening.Access

Safeguarding Children and Adults

10 September 2020

Watch the videos

Bruising in children slides available on request.

Safeguarding training log_reflection form and competencies (download)

Annual Members Meeting


9 July 2020

Respiratory care during Covid-19 - Jonathan Douse, respiratory consultant, ESNEFT (Ipswich).

Watch the video

Q&A to follow


4 March 2020

Dr Jane Shoote


6 February 2020


2.15pm Gastroenterology: Dr Crawford Jamieson

2.15pm: Prescribing Leads

4pm: Primary Care Networks meeting time

Summary of Feedback


11 December 2019

A Rash Diagnosis? - Dr Debs Banerjee

Lesion Recognition - Dr Chris Cook

If you would like a copy, please contact Shelley.

Development Workshop (Speed Dates):

Older People's Medicine

6 November 2019

What's common in the care homes? (and everywhere else)

Dr Dan Coates, Consultant in Older People's Medicine, ESNEFT

Other talks include SEND and NHS Pensions.

Safeguarding Leads: County Lines presentation

Development Workshop (Speed dates)

Movement Disorders

11 September 2019

Useful documents:

NICE Bites guidelines: Parkinson's Disease

Agenda for Annual Members Meeting



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