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GP education resources 2017

Resources from education events through 2017 can be found here.

  • Feb 2017 - ENT - Dr A Hilger and Dr M Salam
  • March 2017  - Radiology - Dr Steve Garber
  • April 2017 - Physical activity in clinical care - Dr Chris Rufford
  • May 2017 - Safeguarding
  • June 2017 - Frailty - Dr Jane Shoote
  • September 2017 - Management of epilepsy in primary care - Andrew Graham
  • October 2017 - Spinal (MSK, Red Flags, Cauda Equina, Pain Clinic) - David Cumming, Gary Rogerson & Amgad Ragheb
  • November 2017 - Cardiology - Paul Venables
  • December 2017 - Sepsis - Dr Mark Garfield & Dr Lauren Filby

GP education resource packs


13 December 2017

Sepsis in General Practice - Presentation

Dr Mark Garfield, Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and Trust Sepsis Lead

Sepsis in Children: Why isn’t it easier? - Presentation

Dr Lauren Filby, Consultant Paediatrician and Lead for Acute and Ambulatory Paediatrics.

Development Workshop 'Speed dates'

Useful links:

Dementia LES

Cardiology: AF and Hypertension

16 November 2017

Clinical Lecture: Cardiology - Paul Venables and Simon Rudland

One Clinical Community: Mental Health Focus

One Clinical Community: Front Line Update - Mark Shenton and Crawford Jamieson

Woundcare Update for Practice nurses - Lisa Sutherland

Practice Nurse Forum - Chris Hooper and Louise Hardwick

MSK: Spinal, Red Flags, Cauda Equina, Pain Clinic

4 October 2017

Main clinical lecture: David Cumming, Amgad Ragheb and Gary Rogerson

Development Workshop:

Neurology: Epilepsy - management in primary care

7 September 2017

Clinical lecture: Neurology: management of epilepsy in primary care - Andrew Graham, Consultant Neurologist, Ipswich Hospital

More details HERE.

Speed dates

Headache table
Non Headache Neurology PRG
Headache Neurology PRG 
Neurology Out Patient Services

Discharge to Assess (D2A) and STARR (Short Term Assessment Rehab & Reablement) Centre

Supporting Practices with Information Sharing

Annual Members Meeting

Annual Review for Annual Members Meeting


7 June 2017

2.00pm - 3.30pm Frailty: Ageing well Clinical Lecture and Workshop - Dr Jane Shoote, Consultant Geriatrician

4.00pm - 6.00pm One Clinical Community - specialty discussion workshops

Additional sessions:

Care Homes Workshop 


18 May 2017

Paediatric Safeguarding Legislation (L3) - Eleanor Howie, Kennedy's Law Firm

Development Workshop:

Physical Activity in Clinical Care

26 April 2017

Physical Activity in Clinical Care working for GPs

Dr Chris Rufford, Consultant & Senior Lecturer in Sports & Exercise Medicine, Physical Activity Champion with Public Health England and Suffolk GP

(main presentation not available online - please email shelley.mitchell1@nhs.net for a copy)

Update on the Primary Care Strategy and General Practice Forward View - Maddie Baker-Woods and Dr Mark Shenton

Alcohol and Substance Abuse with Turning Point (assertive out reach and working with substance abuse in chaotic and none engaged clients) - Ruth Croft, Youth and Engagement Manager with Suffolk Recovery Network and Dr Ben Solway

New Speech & Language Therapy Pilot - addressing the speech and language therapy gaps for adults with dementia, non-adult acquired neurological conditions and mental health issues.  Julie Dinley, SCH and Nicola Brunning CCG

Referral form available on Clinical System and CCG website

Radiology: Best Usage of Diagnostic Imaging

23 March 2017

GP education: Radiology: Best Usage of Diagnostic Imaging - Dr Steve Garber

Answers to questions posed on glisser.com

Nurse education: Diabetes - Dr Fowler, IHT

Recognise, Reform, Rethink: The General Practice Nursing Workforce Development Plan
Barbara McLean, Chief Nurse, IESCCG

3 x speed dates sessions:

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

9 February 2017

Ear Nose and Throat in primary care
Speakers: ENT Consultants, Ipswich Hospital

Rhinology / Otology  - Mahmoud Salam 

Head & Neck / Thyroid - Andreas Hilger - "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Head, Neck and Thyroid Cancer Pathway"

For a copy of the Rhinology/Otology and/or Head & Neck Cancer presentation, please contact shelley.mitchell1@nhs.net

The Multi-Speciality Community Provider (MCP) and GP Health Service presentations are available below.

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