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Care Certificate

The Care Certificate is an identified set of standards that gives everyone the confidence that health and social care workers have the same introductory skills, knowledge and behaviours to provide compassionate, safe and high quality care and support.

The standards were developed by Skills for Health, Skills for Care and Health Education England as part of the Cavendish Review work to ensure that these could be applied across both sectors.

Individuals are required to complete all 15 standards before they can be awarded their certificate:
• Understand your role
• Your personal development
• Duty of care
• Equality and diversity
• Work in a person centred way
• Communication
• Privacy and dignity
• Fluids and nutrition
• Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disability
• Safeguarding adults
• Safeguarding Children
• Basic Life Support
• Health and Safety
• Handling information
• Infection prevention and control

The standards are assessed by an occupationally competent person within the organisation such as a registered nurse.

Evidence must be:
Valid - Relevant to the standards for which competence is claimed
Authentic - Produced by the learner
Current - Sufficiently recent for assessors to be confident that the learner still has that same level of skills or knowledge.
Reliable - A genuine representation of the learner’s knowledge and skills.
Sufficient - Meets all the requirements of the standards in full.

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Skills for Health
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Apprenticeships and The Care Certificate

An Apprenticeship is a great way of ensuring that your staff member has covered the Care Certificate Standards.  Training providers are able to cross reference and implement the Care Certificate as part of the qualification.
Please note that an Occupationally Competent Person will still be required to assess the evidence for the Care Certificate.

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