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Student Nurse Placements

With the on-going recruitment challenges we are facing in recruiting newly qualified nurses into Suffolk, it is essential to provide opportunities for local students to look at Primary Care as a career once they have become qualified.

What are the benefits of providing placements for learners?

  • It contributes towards an overall culture of learning. Taking a learner is a good form of continuous professional development (CPD) for staff, e.g. a learner may provide an opportunity for staff to learn new/current theory being taught by local education providers
  • It contributes to the maintenance, development and improvement in standards of care
  • Norfolk & Suffolk Workforce partnership pay a tariff to healthcare organisations who offer pre-registration student nurse placements.
    You are able to help shape the future workforce
  • It helps you to recruit staff: there is strong evidence that students who have a positive placement experience are inclined to work in those areas when qualified (Baguley et al, 2004)
  • It increases the opportunity for partnership and/or inter-professional working
    It can reaffirm staff members’ own skills and knowledge in their practice
  • It can create access to further CPD opportunities provided by local education providers
  • Experienced students from some disciplines may be able to take on a caseload under supervision

What are the benefits to the learners?

  • Insight into a challenging and diverse work environment
  • Experience of working in multi-disciplinary teams
  • Opportunity to integrate knowledge, attitudes and skills in an environment that is unique and challenging
  • Opportunity to provide health and social care to an often transient and vulnerable population
  • Could create job opportunities


If you would like to express an interest in hosting a student nurse placement, please contact SNEE Primary Care Workforce Team:


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