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Patient Participation Groups (PPGs)

What is a PPG?

Most GP practices in Ipswich and East Suffolk have set up a Patient Participation Group.

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) are run locally by volunteer patients and practice managers to help strengthen the relationship between practices and their patients. Your PPG contribute ideas, feedback and suggestions directly to your practice.

Many PPGs run meetings at their practices, produce newsletters for patients and also use email and social media to connect with members. So even if you are only an occasional user of your local surgery or cannot commit to attending regular meetings, you would still be able to share your views. 

How the CCG works with the PPGs 

PPGs are helping shape health services across the region, by bringing the views of patients to the CCG. There is a new local PPG Network, made up of representatives of PPGs across the region. It works as a forum for sharing information both about PPGs and feeding back on NHS services. The aim is to help ensure that the voice of patients is at the heart of the CCG’s decision making processes. 

Make a difference with your local PPG

Would you like to get involved with local campaigns and make a difference in the care patients receive? Contact your GP practice directly

PPG Monthly Newsletter

"A monthly newsletter from the CCG to keep PPG members updated and to provide a forum for PPGs to share their news and successes”.

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Read more about the PPG Network, find out when the next meeting is and how you can join.

Building Better Participation

The National Association for Patient Participation (NAPP) has launched a new resource guide to help all GP practice Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) work effectively. 

NHS England commissioned NAPP to develop Building Better Participation, and it is available for download from the NAPP website

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