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Public and Patient Involvement (PPI)

The aim of the approach adopted by IESCCG and WSCCG is to develop an integrated process of involvement, so that it is ‘right first time’ and adds value to CCG commissioning. Different methods of involvement will be used to seek advice and secure the confidence of patients and the public that their views are integral to the development of the highest quality of health care for patients and carers in Suffolk.

This year the CCG has moved rapidly on its journey from engagement to involvement and on to co-production.  Creating a new way forward for mental health brought together clinicians, service users, voluntary organisations, staff, carers and the public in partnership-working which broke new ground. 

The CCG is committed to taking forward what has been learned and applying it to the whole range of its work including with its strategic and delivery partners in the Ipswich and East Suffolk Alliance.  

The Framework and Toolkit

These documents were designed and created in partnership with members of our Community Engagement Partnership (Ipswich and east) and Community Engagement Group (west Suffolk), along with the CCG’s Lay Members for Patient and Public Involvement. This suite of materials is designed and created by staff and patients to assist CCG staff with ensuring that public involvement is at the heart of what they do.

Patient and Public Involvement Review

We have long-held aims to involve patients and the public more deeply in our work. While we have been judged well in this area, we are not complacent. Coupled with the opportunities that come with working in alliances with local partners, we felt it was important to review our work.

The CCG lay member for PPI, Irene MacDonald, initiated a review to learn from staff and the sub-committee of our governing body, the Community Engagement Partnership. Since this project began, several workshops have been held with patients, GP leads and staff to assess and improve how we involve service users and the voluntary sector, particularly in procurement and service redesign. In January 2020, the findings from this review were presented to the governing body with a series of actions for us to make further improvements.

We are proud of the strong relationships we have developed with partner organisations. Wherever we can we tackle a variety of health inequalities together. During 2019/20 we began improving our approach to inequalities with black, Asian and minority ethics, people with disabilities and learning disabilities, and communities we have not reached out to previously.

The feedback leads us to a number of actions. For example we will have a new structure for Community Engagement Partnership meetings. It means we will be holding meetings in various areas of Suffolk and targeting specific health issues using information we have commissioned about each area. GP leads will be present at all public meetings and we will be extending invitations to local organisations, patient and community representatives and other Alliance partners.

For more information on the development of our Community Engagement Partnership click here

Public consultations and engagement

Ipswich and East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group will adhere to the Cabinet Office Consultation Principles. The principles of this document are copied below and they mean that consultation and engagement can be targeted and meaningful.

  • departments will follow a range of timescales rather than defaulting to a 12-week period, particularly where extensive engagement has occurred before;
  • departments will need to give more thought to how they engage with and consult with those who are affected;  
  • consultation should be ‘digital by default’, but other forms should be used where these are needed to reach the groups affected by a policy;
  • and the principles of the Compact between government and the voluntary and community sector will continue to be respected.
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