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Your feedback, thoughts and ideas can really make a difference.

We welcome any feedbacks you have on health services and any suggestions for improvement. If you would like to send us any comments, complaints, compliments or just have something to share with us, please feel free to contact us:

Email: getinvolved@ipswichandeastsuffolkccg.nhs.uk
Tel.: 01473 770014

The CCG is committed to continuously improve  how to communicate, engage and involve our local communities. Our new communication, Engagement and Involvement strategy provides a framework for those activities over the next three years.

Here are a few examples your messages to us over the past three years and our actions.

You said...

We did...

“Local Clinics are a great idea…anything to help the stretched resources at A&E”
Your views and feedback are forming part of the redesign of urgent care services
“Self care suggestions on a prescription pad. Websites or leaflets to read...”
Self-care leaflets developed, available from surgeries, pharmacies and online
Demand for services is increasing in Suffolk and the CCGs need to make £13m of financial improvements during 2016/17. "What else are you doing to address the financial situation?"
We are working very hard to find these savings. You can read more in About us > Our Plans
“Minority Ethnic Communities - to provide them with essential awareness messages"
We developed a Translation Policy and offer translated materials in 8 different languages.
Education about mental health should start early, with young people.
Your views helped us to write a mental health strategy.
We are also working the the local authority to develop the five-year Children and Young People's Emotional Wellbeing Plan 2020
IESCCG Website: “make it clearer, more user friendly”
Website re-launched after public consultation. The site receives 13,000 visits per month.
Our website continues to be updated regularly.
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