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Your choices: Maternity

Are you pregnant? Did you know you can pick where you have your care?

There is so much to think about and plan when you are expecting a baby! 

You can choose where you go for your maternity services.

In Suffolk and north east Essex most maternity services are led by the hospitals. The hospitals have teams of midwives in their local community, and teams in the hospital clinics. 

You can decide which hospital provides your care. 


You can choose from the list below to get your maternity care. During your pregnancy you will receive antenatal care, which means your midwives and other clinicians can monitor you and your baby’s health. This care includes appointments for things like checking your baby’s growth, health checks for you, blood tests, your 12-week and 20-week scans. 

Each hospital has a slightly different way of organising your care. So, depending on your needs you may receive some of your care in the community such as health centres or children’s centres, and some care such as scans in the hospital clinic setting.

You and your midwife or obstetrician will decide where it is best for you to give birth. Depending on your needs this could be at home, in a birthing unit, or in the chosen hospital. 

To help you choose, either visit NHS Choices or on the links below.

https://www.esneft.nhs.uk/service/pregnancy-and-birth-services/ (Ipswich and Colchester)

https://www.wsh.nhs.uk/Services-A-Z/Maternity/Maternity.aspx (Bury St Edmunds)

https://www.cuh.nhs.uk/pregnancy-labour-and-birth (Cambridge)

http://www.meht.nhs.uk/services/maternity-services/ (Chelmsford)

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