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NHS Continuing Healthcare

NHS Continuing Healthcare is an assessment process and funding stream to support people with complex on-going healthcare needs. Everyone is different, and things do change. The NHS Continuing Healthcare package is sometimes used instead of or even alongside a social care package. It depends on the individual and their needs. Regular review for those people with an NHS Continuing Healthcare package means that individuals get the care they need at the right time.

For patients who have had a full assessment and are considered by health and social care professionals to be eligible for funding, NHS Continuing Healthcare packages are free at the point of delivery. The CCG pay on behalf of the NHS, directly for the care you need.

NHS Continuing Healthcare pays for care:

  • in your own home – this might be healthcare, such as visits by a specialist therapist and it could include personal care, such as help with bathing, dressing and with preparing meals.
  • in a care home – care home fees are paid, including board and accommodation, on top of any healthcare and personal care needs that you or your loved one needs

Are you or your loved one eligible?

You must be aged over 18 and have substantial and ongoing care needs. You must have been assessed as having a "primary health need", which means that your main need for care is because of a health needs as opposed to social care needs. Washing, dressing, feeding and keeping people safe are good examples of social care needs.

Eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare does not depend on:

  • a specific health condition, illness or diagnosis
  • who provides the care, or
  • where the care is provided

If you think you or your loved one might be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding, speak to your social worker, GP or other health or social care professional. You can also call the NHS Continuing Healthcare team on 01473 770198.

What is the next stage?

The first step is to have a screening tool completed with a health or social care professional (a checklist). Health and social care staff use the checklist to help judge whether a full assessment for NHS Continuing Healthcare should happen.

The second step is a full assessment of eligibility. This involves a multi-disciplinary team applying the “Decision Support Tool.”  The tool will be completed by health and social care professionals. This looks at twelve different types of need, for example, mobility, nutrition, and behaviour. The tool helps decide on the nature, complexity, intensity and unpredictability of your needs. The health and social care professionals will use this information to make a recommendation to the CCG as to whether you are eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare. If you are not, you will be advised how to appeal against the decision.

What if my care needs change?

Your eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare will be reviewed regularly. If your care needs change, the funding arrangements may also change. The review will consider whether your existing care and support package meets your assessed needs. If your needs have changed, the review will also consider whether you remain eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare.

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