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Health care leaders write letter of support to GP practice staff

Local health care leaders have written to all GP practice staff to highlight their continued support for the work they are doing and to express sympathy for the increased incidences of abuse they are experiencing.

Despite the very best efforts of staff at GP practices across the Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System, there continue to be multiple daily occurrences where staff members are sworn and shouted at, called names or even threatened with physical abuse by patients.

While most patients treat staff with respect, the letter reinforces the message that threatening and aggressive behaviour by patients is not acceptable.

The letter’s signatories are ICS chief executive Dr Ed Garratt and the three CCGs’ chairmen, Dr Christopher Browning, Dr Hasan Chowhan and Dr Mark Shenton.

Dr Ed Garratt says: “On a daily basis staff are receiving abuse from patients, which is wholly unacceptable. It makes it much harder for them to do their job, adversely affects their mental health and also results in making some staff so unhappy that they leave their role.

“We know and understand why some patients are frustrated. Our GP practices are currently experiencing a huge increase in demand for services, which, combined with pressure on staffing, means some people are waiting much longer to make an appointment or see a health care professional.

“Yet there is never an excuse for abusive or threatening behaviour.”

Read the letter HERE

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