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Help to overcome needle phobia

Vaccinations are in the news daily and the thought can be terrifying for some people. 
Support is available from Wellbeing Suffolk to overcome this fear. 

Needle phobia is very common and is something that can be overcome with help. Free help and support is available from Wellbeing Suffolk. The team offers Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for needle phobia. 

CBT is a talking therapy that helps people overcome their problems by changing the way they think and behave. For needle phobia the main part of CBT involves gradual exposure to the fear so that you feel less anxious about it. This is known as desensitisation or exposure therapy. It works by increasing the level of exposure to needles and injections, which allows people to gain control.

Nesta Reeve, consultant clinical psychologist said: “Needle phobia is a serious condition which deserves attention. By recognising this, and helping patients receive appropriate help, we can help improve their health care and life choices, now and in the future.”

To access this free support, you can self-refer on the Wellbeing website at - https://www.wellbeingnands.co.uk/suffolk/get-support/register-with-our-services/

or call 0300 123 1503
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