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Tell us your vaccination experience

With most people across Suffolk and north east Essex reporting a very positive experience of receiving their COVID-19 vaccine, all those being vaccinated are being urged to continue to give their feedback on their experience.

Whether it’s a first dose or a second dose, health care service commissioners from the Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System (ICS), are keen to hear from everyone to whom the vaccine has been administered. 

That feedback is integral to ensuring the ongoing vaccination programme is smooth and efficient and best meets the needs of local people.

Already 4000 people have completed the online survey explaining how the vaccination process has been for them and people are asked to complete the survey HERE

Sophie Martin, the Head of Patient and Public Involvement and Experience for the Suffolk and north east Essex clinical commissioning groups, said: “Overwhelmingly, people feel very positive about getting their vaccine, most would recommend it to someone else and very few people can think of ways the administering of the vaccine could be improved.

“Many people comment on the staff and volunteers and what a truly positive difference they are making. Many also comment on how well things are run and how impressive the vaccination centres are.

“However, some people have highlighted room for improvement. For example, in the questionnaire we ask people whether they had to wait for their vaccine past their booked appointment slot. Early on in the programme some people reported waiting for extended amounts of time. We raised this with the vaccination sites and since then waiting times have improved remarkably.

 “Some people told us that getting their first vaccination was an anxious and difficult experience, which is why it is so important people tell us how they think the process could be improved.

“So, if you’ve been vaccinated please take a few minutes to complete the online questionnaire to share your experience.”

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