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Good oral health

A healthy mouth for life

The condition of our mouths and teeth can affect our communication, smile and self-confidence. Some degree of tooth decay can affect people's general quality of life, and more seriously can lead to problems with eating.

Due to improving oral health people are now retaining their teeth into old age, and maintaining good oral health is important for daily comfort and living. Regular tooth brushing, flossing as well as following a healthy diet will help.

A dental check up is not just limited to checking the health of your teeth, people without teeth should still attend the Dentist for a dental check-up. When you visit your Dentist, they will check your cheeks, tongue and the rest of the mouth as part of your dental check up. This is also done to spot, for example, any early signs of Mouth Cancer. Early diagnosis improves survival chances to more than 90%.

As we move through life we become more vulnerable to root decay as our gums recede, therefore good oral health becomes even more important.

Arthritis can also make it tricky to grip the handle of a toothbrush, electric toothbrushes can be easier to use and do not require as much wrist movement. Adapters to make gripping your regular toothbrush easier are also available.

Top tips

  • Use a fluoride toothpaste and ‘spit don’t rinse’ (so fluoride is not diluted). 
  • Brush twice daily for 2 minutes, especially last thing at night. 
  • Cut down on sugar.


  1. I have lost some permanent teeth and am embarrassed by my smile and eating in public.
  2. There are lots of NHS treatments available now to replace missing teeth.
  3. Visit your NHS Dentist to discuss these options, improving your well-being as well as your smile.

Dentist says

You do not have to register with a NHS Dentist and you can change your Dentist whenever you like. Call PALS on 0800 389 6819 to find an NHS Dentist near you or visit NHS Choices www.nhs.uk

Dental Urgent Care
To find a Dentist in your area call 0800 389 6819 (8.30am-4.30pm).
Out of hours call NHS 111.

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