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Make the 3 simple changes now

There are 3 major lifestyle changes you can make which will help you live a longer, healthier life.

  1. Giving up smoking has huge health benefits. It is never too late to give up. Just because you’ve tried to give up before and not succeeded, does not mean you can’t do it. Many people make several quit attempts before they succeed.
  2. Cut down on alcohol. It is recommended that men and women do not regularly drink more than 14 units a week. Fourteen units is equivalent to six pints of average strength beer or 10 small glasses of low strength wine. Older people may be more susceptible to the effect of alcohol, so drinking less is recommended. If you are taking medication and drinking alcohol, check with your GP or Pharmacist that it is safe.
  3. Your diet should include starchy foods such as rice and pasta, protein such as meat, fish, soya products and dairy products such as milk and cheese and fruit and vegetables. Try to avoid too much fat and sugar. Balance is the key. Five portions of fruit and vegetables per day.


Cycling for Seniors

It can get harder and harder to stay active as you age. Cycling is one of the best exercises for aging bodies. It helps you work your cardiovascular system and keep your heart healthy. Because cycling is a low-impact sport, it reduces strain on the joints. Many studies show that biking can actually slow down the aging process in a variety of ways.

Bikemunk has put together a resource about cycling for seniors, and how it can be beneficial in later years.

Giving up smoking will:

  • Eliminate carbon monoxide from your body within 24 hours.
  • Reduce your risk of heart attack by half in just a year.
  • Reduce your risk of Lung Cancer.
  • Improve your appearance - skin loses its greyish pallor and becomes less wrinkled within 1 month!
  • Reduce coughing and wheezing within 3-9 months.

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