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Long-term conditions

Management and education

Long-term conditions include heart disease, Arthritis, Diabetes and respiratory disease, which cannot be cured but can be controlled by medication and other therapies.

Living with a long-term condition or having a partner who is affected can be a daily challenge. Keeping on top of the condition, understanding it and managing it helps. Visit your GP to review your condition and medication regularly. Knowing about and understanding your long-term condition can really help and there is plenty of information available.

Whether your diagnosis is recent or you have had your condition for some time there is lots of support available. There are many ways to help manage your condition including training, support and counselling, and aids and adaptions for your home.

For more information on self care and personalised care and planning for people with long-term conditions visit www.nhs.uk/yourhealth

For information on money matters, benefits, keeping healthy, travelling, working and more, contact Age UK Ipswich and East Suffolk 01473 359911 West Suffolk 01284 757750   www.ageuk.org/suffolk

GP says

Around 15 million poeple in England, or almost one in three of the population, have a long-term condition. Half of people aged over 60 in England have a long-term condition which can often result in having more than one long-term condition.

Your GP, Practice Nurse or Social Worker will support you by helping you develop your own personalised Care Plan. By talking about or reviewing your Care Plan regularly, you decide together what care and support you need and how it will be provided. Everyone with a long-term condition can have a Care Plan - just ask.
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