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Support for carers

They need care too

You may not think about yourself as a carer, simply seeing yourself as a partner, daughter or son. But if you’re looking after a person who can’t manage without your help, because of age, illness or disability, then you are a carer. This could be your spouse, partner, parent, another relative or a friend.

Being a carer can be very rewarding, but it is also hard work. You may face issues you may not have had to deal with before and it can be hard to adjust to having someone dependent on you for support.

Being a carer can mean major changes in your life as well as the life of the person you are caring for. You may need to make practical changes with adaptations and improvements to your home such as bath rails or making a home suitable for wheelchair access.

If you feel under pressure there are people who can help. Make sure you do not miss check ups and health appointments, if you are unwell you cannot be a carer. It is important that you make sure you are cared for too.

Contact Suffolk Family Carers 01473 835400 or visit www.suffolkfamilycarers.org


  1. Are you are carer?
  2. You may not think so. 'Hidden' carers care for their family or partner as part of everyday life and don't access the help available.
  3. Get support. You are entitled to help too.

You are not alone

  • One in ten people are carers.
  • Let your GP know you are a carer so they can support you by looking after your health.
  • You are not alone. Ask for help.
  • Looking after yourself - your health (emotional and physical) and well-being are very important.
  • A carer's assessment is a way of finding out what help you need with caring, help to maintain your own health and well-being with your life, work and family commitments.
  • Financial support may be available.
  • Try to keep doing your hobbies and meeting friends.
  • Advice for Young Carers.
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