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A positive attitude

Making them feel great!

Positive parenting is about bringing out the best in your child.  Listen and try to understand their point of view, encourage their efforts and you will really start to form the basis of a good relationship.  They will always be your child but allowing them to develop, grow and establish their independence will give them the confidence they need.

In trying to help, it may appear that you are nagging.  Learning from their mistakes, where it is safe to do so, is a good thing.  It can be easy to point out where you think things are going wrong and forget to notice the things that go right.  Everyone enjoys a bit of praise and encouragement, so when they do well, tell them.

Children gradually learn to make their own decisions, which may not always fit with yours.  That is why tension is normal.  Choose your battles and let some go!  You might find that their friends seem to take priority as they get older.  This is normal but you might feel jealous and even feel a bit left out.


  1.  They seem unhappy, have mood changes, are unusually secretive and are avoiding you.
  2. Could you be doing what you think is right without listening to how they feel?
  3. Try to develop an open relationship.  Be supportive and let them know you are always there to listen.


Growing and developing

A sense of self-esteem and being aware of dangers is the best protection you can give your child.  

Let them know you're around to talk about puberty and changes in their body, sexual health and relationships.  

Let them know that you will always be there as a support through growing up, at exam times and on into adulthood.

Dads matter

Dads can often be forgotten, but it is important to remember that both parents are just as important as each other.  Parents need to work together and keep to the same rules.  This applies when disciplining your child, and it is also important that you do not take sides in an argument.  Parents should never argue in front of their child, and if you are separated, it's important to agree on your parenting roles and responsibilities.

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