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Healthy lifestyles

Looking after their health

What they eat

Make sure your child eats a good variety of foods in sensible amounts - balance is the key.  Make meal times fun and make time to sit down to eat and to enjoy food together as a family.  Setting a good example is one of the best ways of encouraging healthy eating habits early in life.


Food is used in our bodies to create energy.  If we do not use it we get fat.  Encourage your children to be as active as possible.  You and your child can get plenty of exercise just by walking to the shops or to school.  Playing sports with your child is another great way to keep fit.


As a parent you know that lack of sleep can affect your mood and ability to function at work or as a parent.  The same is true of children.  Lack of sleep can impact on your child's behaviour and achievement in school.


If you smoke you should protect your child from secondhand smoke.  This will reduce the risk of them becoming ill.  Contact your Doctor or local free stop smoking service who can help you kick this damaging habit for good.


Look after your child's teeth and take them to visit the Dentist regularly.  Make sure your child brushes their teeth twice a day with a children's fluoride toothpaste.  Children are especially at risk from tooth decay because of the sugary things they eat.  If your child has problems with their teeth, take them to the Dentist, this will help to prevent serious problems in the future.

  1. My child seems to be addicted to fizzy drinks.
  2. Each can of fizzy drink contains up to six teaspoons of sugar.  This risks tooth decay, obesity and interrupts sleep.
  3. Introduce non fizzy drinks like sugar-free squash, fruit juices and milk.  Don't forget water too.

GP says

Tips from your GP:

  • Balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle.
  • If you eat more calories than your body burns, you will put on weight.
  • Try to stop smoking and protect your child from second-hand smoke.
  • Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep and exercise.
  • Obesity (being very overweight) is becoming more common in children.
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