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Cervical Screening

The Cervical Screening Programme in Suffolk is part of the NHS Cancer Screening Programmes.

The aim of the programme is to reduce the number of deaths from cervical cancer.  This is achieved by women being offered and attending for regular screening tests.  Cervical screening looks for changes in appearance on the cervix, which if left untreated may eventually develop into cancer.

Women are offered cervical screening just before their 25th birthday, and thereafter 3 yearly up to 50. Women between the ages of 50 and 64 are offered cervical screening every 5 years.  Most women will attend their GP practice and have the test taken by a practice nurse.

To get the most protection against cervical cancer it is important that women attend for screening when they receive their personal invitation.  It is also important that tell their doctor whenever they move, this ensures that the invitation letters go to the correct address.

The Smear Test Film

The Smear Test Film has been made by Public Health England in association with Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust.  Professional guidance and support in the development of this resource was provided by the Better Health Team for Learning Disabilities at Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

This film has been made to help address those inequalities and to help women make a decision about whether to attend their smear test invitation.  It has been designed and made by women who have learning disabilities and aims to give women and their carers information about smear tests and their role in preventing cervical cancer. 

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