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Who Can See My Health Record?

Further Information about Sharing your Health Record

Across Suffolk we’re doing a lot of work at the moment to help patients understand the options they have when it comes to sharing their Health Record. Sharing makes your record available to health and social care staff outside of your GP surgery.  Record sharing like this only happens with your permission, so it’s important that you let your GP surgery know if you are happy to do this.  Below is more detailed information about the two sharing methods. 

Download the form here complete and return to your GP surgery.

An easy read version of the form can be found here.

Other language versions of the form can be found here


Approximately 98% of patients in England have a Summary Care Record already.  The basic Summary Care Record is a list of what medication you’re on and what you’re allergic to.  This is held centrally by the NHS and can only be accessed by authorised healthcare staff.  All access to this is recorded in a log that cannot be altered.
An option you now have is to add “Additional Information” to your Summary Care Record.  This makes the Summary Care Record a much more useful source of information for departments like A&E and the Ambulance service if they need to treat you in an emergency. 

The information that will be included in your Summary Care Record if you choose to add it is:
  • Significant medical history (past and present)
  • Reasons for medication
  • Anticipatory care information (such as information about the management of long term conditions) 
  • Communication preferences
  • End of life care information
  • Immunisations 

A full list of the terms that will be included in this additional information is available here: NHS Digital SCR inclusion dataset overview.

Specific sensitive information like fertility treatments, sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy terminations and gender reassignment will not be automatically included when the information is added. A list of terms that are automatically included is available here: RCGP sensitive dataset.

If there are any particular items that you would like to be either included or excluded from your Summary Care Record, your GP surgery can mark these items for you in your health record.

An example of what staff would see when they look at a Summary Care Record with Additional Information is available HERE or HERE

Additional Resources:
NHS Digital Summary Care Record information page
Patient leaflet on additional information in SCR
Easy read format patient leaflet on additional information in SCR
Patient leaflet and consent form on additional information in SCR


Another option you have for sharing your health record is “Full Health Record Sharing”.  If you ask your GP surgery to enable this, it will make your full health record available to other providers who are caring for you if their computer system supports it.  It’s important to note that this is not something people can just look at, they need to be actively caring for you and have your permission to view the record.  

If there are particular parts of your record that you would like to remain private, but you are happy to share the rest, then just inform your GP surgery of which items you would like to be private and they can mark them as so.

Agreeing to this will also allow your GP surgery to view notes that are recorded about you when you are seen elsewhere. This will only happen if the other service you see also uses a compatible computer system.


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