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Suffolk County Council website for local information: Covid-19 Information in other languages

IOM UK has designed a Covid-19 Migrant Information Service to provide extra support to migrants in the challenging context of the Covid-19 crisis.

The service provides information to migrants living in the UK on 5 key topics: health, work, benefits, visas and immigration, housing and homelessness. 

Information in alternative languages

Across our website, wherever you see this globe symbol, there will be a link to enable you to find the information in another language.

You can access this page at any time by clicking on the globe at the bottom of each page.

The pages below all have links to information in alternative languages.

Easy-Read - simple English with pictures

Some leaflets can be found in what is called 'easy read' which is in simple English with pictures.

Suffolk Learning Disability Partnership Easy Read documents

Visit www.easy-read-online.co.uk for more information and leaflets.

How to Register with a doctor

How to register with a doctor Advice Leaflet. Please note this leaflet has been produced specifically for refugees and asylum seekers. The leaflet is in English and published by NHS England.  Local organisations that support asylum seekers, refugees and migrants may be able to help you to understand it. 

Health Outreach NHS Main Office
70-74 St Helens Street, Ipswich IP4 2LA
Telephone: 01473 341763


Look after yourself

Translations of the Look After Yourself leaflet are now available to download in the following languages; Bengali, Chinese, Kurdish (Sorani), Lithuanian and Polish.

• Look After Yourself - Bengali
• Look After Yourself - Chinese
• Look After Yourself - Kurdish (Sorani)
• Look After Yourself - Lithuanian
• Look After Yourself - Polish

Language Tools

Translating pages using automated tools

You can translate most pages of this website, using Google Translate, into more than 90 languages by accessing the 'Accessibility' tab at the top of every page.

Note that online translation engines are not perfect and can sometimes give misleading results. They are best used to translate small amounts of text at a time. Since one of the main aims of this site is to help you to gain access to information in other places, some of the tools below may be effective in helping you achieve this.

BabelFish translation 
Google language tools 
Tarjim (Arabic only and may require registration)

More tools
Covering a wider range of languages.

Apps for phones –available from Google Play: 
Free Online Translation 
Free2Professional Translation 

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