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Cancer & Palliative care


"I'm the CCG lead for Cancer, my aim is to improve cancer outcomes by making sure cancers are diagnosed promptly, services are compliant with national guidance and care is delivered in the right place".

Dr Peter Holloway, GP and Clinical Lead for Cancer 

To read more about the cancer programme please click here.

Palliative care

We have all experienced the deaths of loved ones. Often these deaths will have been peaceful and dignified, but sometimes they will have been unpleasant. My colleagues and I at Ipswich & East Suffolk CCG are working hard to ensure that more people have a positive experience of NHS care at the end of their lives. We simply want more people to have the end of life care that we would wish for ourselves and for our families.

To read more about the range of palliative & end of life care services available please click here.


For My Care Wishes (MCW) folder request please contact:

Jennifer Burman

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