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Practice prescribing data

Use these pages to find out how the Clinical Commissioning Group and your practice are performing against the prescribing budget. 

Please note, clicking some of these links will download an Excel spreadsheet.

 TitleModified DateDescription
Low Priority Prescribing OTC12/08/2021NHS England Medicines of Low Clinical Priority - Self Care/OTC prescribing
First Look Budget Report14/03/2022 
Unspecified Medicines18/10/2021 
Practice Spend- NHSE Low clinical value medicines12/08/2021NHS England Medicines of Low Clinicial Priority
Antibiotic Data20/05/2022 
Controlled Drugs29/03/2022 
Branded Prescribing12/08/2021 
High Cost Drugs25/06/2021This report lists a simple breakdown of the drugs that have not been exempted as high cost drugs
Specials spend by Practice & Dispenser12/08/2021 


Medicines management team

If you have a query relating to practice prescribing data, please email us with 'prescribing data' in the subject line 

Tel.: 01473 770249

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