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Threshold procedures

1. Partially excluded procedures

Procedures on this list will not normally be funded unless the circumstances of the individual patient are considered to be “exceptional” by the Individual Funding Request (IFR) panel.You will need to fill in the IFR form under these circumstances.

Threshold procedures

Threshold procedures are those in which a clinical threshold has been set. In these procedures/treatments the threshold has to be reached before the treatment is funded.

2. Procedures/treatments where thresholds apply

Here, it is the responsibility of referring and treating clinicians to ensure that only patients meeting the defined criteria are referred or treated. However if there are exceptional circumstances a request can be submitted to the CCG’s Individual Funding Request panel by the clinician even if the patient does not meet the threshold criteria.

The Clinical Prioritisation policies and checklists

This page lists the procedures that fit into the 2 categories and allows you to view the policies themselves and a checklist (useful when you are consulting) which you can print off and see if your patient meets the thresholds.

3. Other

Private NHS Boundaries Policy 



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