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Partially Excluded (PE) Policies

Procedures on this list will not normally be funded unless the circumstances of the individual patient are considered to be “exceptional” by the Individual Funding Request (IFR) panel.You will need to fill in the IFR form under these circumstances.

Policy NoSorted By Policy No In Ascending OrderPolicy TitlePolicy
PE101Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) for drop foot of central neurological originDownload
PE102Botox for the management of hypersalivation in childrenDownload
PE103Body ContouringDownload
PE104Tattoo RemovalDownload
PE105Reversal of sterilisationDownload
PE106Ear Lobe SurgeryDownload
PE107Face liftDownload
PE109Breast AugmentationDownload
PE110Breast ReductionDownload
PE111Mastopexy (breast lift)Download
PE112Breast Reduction for Male Gynecomastia (Idiopathic)Download
PE113Gynecomastia (anti-androgens)Download
PE114Breast implant replacement or removalDownload
PE115Nipple InversionDownload
PE116Breast AsymmetryDownload
PE117Spinal SurgeryDownload
PE118Patella ResurfacingDownload
PE119Soft palate for SnoringDownload
PE3Filters & Coloured Lenses for Scotopic Sensitivity SyndromeDownload
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