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Wellbeing Support

Support and advice for doctors

There are a number of organisations offering help and support to doctors experiencing difficulties; information and links to useful resources are provided in this document: Support and Advice for Doctors

For round the clock support, Our Frontline: https://www.mentalhealthatwork.org.uk/ourfrontline/

Advice and guidance from the BMA on the impact of COVID-19 on your work, training, education, and wellbeing as a medical professional 

Healthy Suffolk Covid Hub

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Click on the image for more details of the local support offer in association with Mind

Wellbeing Support for Primary Care

There are many sources of health and wellbeing support which all staff can access during this time. We recognise how important this is as we are all working together to support patients and our own friends and family and need to ensure we are also looking after ourselves.

NHS England and NHS Improvement have announced the first in a series of psychological support for all NHS staff during the COVID19 outbreak. As such, we are pleased to offer these wellbeing apps to all NHS staff for free.

NHS Employers - Wellbeing Apps for all NHS Staff: www.nhsemployers.org/news/2020/03/free-access-to-wellbeing-apps-for-all-nhs-staff

Unmind: A mental health platform which empowers the user to proactively improve their mental wellbeing, including help with stress, sleep, coping, connection, fulfilment and nutrition. Visit https://nhs.unmind.com/signup

Headspace: This science-backed app for mindfulness and meditation provides tools and resources to help reduce stress, build resilience and more. Visit www.headspace.com/nhs

Sleepio: (developed by Big Health) A sleep improvement programme using cognitive behavioural techniques to help address poor sleep. Visit www.sleepio.com/nhs-staff

Daylight: (developed by Big Health) A smartphone app that provides help with symptoms of worry and anxiety. Download the Daylight app or visit www.trydaylight.com/nhs-staff

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