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IESCCG Winter Schemes

As the weather is forecast to turn colder and as the busiest time of year approaches, we have produced a summary of all of winter schemes, which are designed to reduce avoidable emergency admissions and support you and your patients over the festive season.  Each scheme includes an overview and referral/contact information. 

Key schemes in place this winter are:

Crisis Action Team (CAT)

The CAT service is for patients whom you consider to be in a crisis, are medically stable enough to be managed in the community and for whom a hospital admission would not be most appropriate.  

The CAT service is focussed on multi-agency support, provided within 2 hours for patients with an imminent risk of admission.  In order to access this service, please contact:
  • Care Co-ordination Centre (0300 123 2425) requesting the Crisis Action Team (CAT) 
  • Provide patients details: 
    • Name 
    • DOB/NHS Number 
    • Address (Including Postcode) 
    • GP Surgery 
  • Ask to be transferred to the Crisis Action Team for a Clinician to Clinician verbal referral and discussion 

Frailty Assessment Base (FAB)


Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

What is it?

Based at Ipswich Hospital. It is a consultant-led multidisciplinary service providing Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment for frail older patients at risk of acute admission. All patients will be seen within 2 working days or sooner based upon clinical need. 

How do I make a referral?
  • Hot Phone – advice/same day assessment 
    • 07930 181236 
  • Email – guaranteed 2 working day review 
  • SHARE SystmOne record 
Patients will also be identified as appropriate for this service whilst in A&E / EAU.

Admission Prevention Service

Other existing Admission Prevention Services (download PDF)

Local Winter Schemes

Click on the link to download the existing admission prevention services.

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