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Training and Education Afternoons

Training and Education afternoons are currently all taking place virtually via MS Teams.

Out of Hours cover will be available to allow more staff to join. With regard to future practice education afternoons will keep you appraised of any event changes.

  • Thurs 22 April - Cardiology, Heart Failure 
  • Wed 19 May - Safeguarding Adults and Children (Level 3)*
  • Thurs 17 June - Urology
  • Wed 14 July - Cancer
  • Thurs 12th August - Practice Collaboration develpment
  • Thurs 9 September - Haematology
  • Wed 13 October - Pain
  • Thurs 11 November - Paediatrics
  • Wed 8 December
  • Thurs 10 February 2022
  • Wed 9 March 2022
Usual afternoon sessions 2pm start, and finish by 6pm at the latest.
Please note there are no education events in January or August.

*As in previous years, the session will form part of your additional level 3 hours for both adult and children's safeguarding. Separate to this you need to complete your mandatory face to face level 3 training from the CCG Safeguarding team (to be completed when new in post and at least every 3 years thereafter). The CCG safeguarding team are now offering a 2-hour joint adult and children’s local update via Microsoft Teams, which you are expected to complete at least every 3 years once you have completed your level 3 e-learning packages. Dates for these sessions and booking details are advertised in the CCG safeguarding bulletin, which is sent to all surgeries. 
More information can be found in Safeguarding Children and Adult Level 3 Update Guidance and Opportunities.

The monthly educational meetings in protected time are designed to bring at least some of your professional development back into the daytime.

Our aim is to provide you with high-quality learning and an opportunity to network with friends and colleagues, old and new.

Why attend? 

  • Consultant-led educational topics
  • Development workshop done in a speed-dating format in small groups
  • Direct feedback to the commissioners
  • Networking with colleagues
  • Fun and interactive
  • Prioritise education for the benefit of patients
  • Downloadable resources from the monthly events

We appreciate that a half day practice closure is not always feasible. However, if you cannot attend a particular event at Trinity Park or online, your practice can take advantage of part of the afternoon closure to do some in-house training. We also use the afternoon closures to support 'mandatory' training for your staff and arrange events as per our published timetables. 

After every training afternoon we ask for your feedback and your ideas. This is to help us in planning future training sessions that will be of greatest benefit. In 2019, we received some our most favourable feedback, thank you; you can read a summary of feedback for the whole of 2019. We continue to strive to provide high quality teaching.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that these events are NOT sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry: CCG Policy on relations with the pharmaceutical industry.

Jenny Lawton

Email: j.lawton4@nhs.net

Mental Health Education

Thurs 21 October, 7pm - 8.15pm via MS Teams. Dementia

This is part of a series of FREE educational evenings on mental health and emotional wellbeing designed for primary care practitioners across Suffolk. We have developed a full Programme for 2021/22.

To allow more people to benefit from this teaching, all sessions have been recorded. The videos are accessible to any primary care staff (most do not need a password) and are great way of doing some online learning from home. Resources from each session are also available online.

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