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Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Education

To help expand the number of people who can benefit from this teaching, each session has been filmed. All the videos from 2019 are now available online

Take a look at some of the feedback we received from the sessions in 2019

Resources from the sessions can be found below.

Dr Lee David, who presented her excellent 10-minute CBT session in September 2019, has developed a FREE e-learning resource covering Emotional Wellbeing during Covid-19elearning.10minutecbt.co.uk/courses/emotional-wellbeing-during-covid-19

Mental Health Education

A series of FREE educational evenings on mental health and emotional wellbeing designed for primary care practitioners in Ipswich and east Suffolk.

We are pleased to be reinstating our evening education on a virtual online basis for the time being. Our first session covered Eating Disorders, which was a popular request from many of you who attended sessions in 2019.  The recording will be available online shortly.

To allow more people to benefit from this teaching, all sessions have been filmed. The videos are accessible to any primary care staff (with the relevant password) and are are great way of doing some online learning from home.  Resources from each session are also available online.

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