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Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Education

To help expand the number of people who can benefit from this teaching, each session has been recorded. All the videos are now available online. Take a look at some of the feedback we received from the sessions in 2019

Resources from the sessions can be found below.

FREE e-learning resource covering Emotional Wellbeing during Covid-19elearning.10minutecbt.co.uk/courses/emotional-wellbeing-during-covid-19


Adult Anxiety Spectrum DisordersSlides703.72 KB
Childhood Sexual Abuse - Support for AdultsSlides485.93 KB
Childhood Sexual Abuse - Support for ChildrenSlides265.63 KB
Consultation SkillsSlides448.96 KB
Consultation Skills & When to Refer - Dr Paul EverdenVideoUnknown
Dementia Together June 2019 1.44 MB
Diagnosis and Pharmacological Management of DepressionSlides680.88 KB
Drugs, Alcohol & Substance MisuseSlides1.50 MB
Early Intervention in PsychosisSlides1.19 MB
Eating Disorders Guidance for GPs 174.59 KB
Eating Disorders in AdultsSlides856.52 KB
Eating Disorders in Children & Young People in primary careSlides233.32 KB
EIP: the 4 minute guide for GPsVideoUnknown
Improving identification of people with a learning disability guidance for general practice Unknown
LD Data for Health ChecksHandout445.19 KB
LD Pointers for Health ChecksHandout524.85 KB
LD: ACE and Primary Care Liaison Nurses presentationSlides3.57 MB
LeDeR presentation (Christine Hodby, Sally Ryan)Slides817.24 KB
Online Resources Guide for General PracticeWebpageUnknown
Online Resources Guide for General PracticeHandout997.70 KB
Personality Disorders PresentationSlides271.21 KB
Personality Disorders Support and Information LeafletHandout210.20 KB
SEND Presentation (Tabitha Griffin)Slides795.32 KB
Sleep - top tips for better sleep 561.12 KB
Sleep blog 106.21 KB
Sleep routines (Kooth) 121.23 KB
Sleep: Young people and sleep problemsSlides399.75 KB
Suffolk Mind Emotional Needs presentationSlides2.01 MB
Suffolk Wellbeing ServiceSlides876.20 KB
Turning Point Intervention InformationHandout543.81 KB
Young People's Mental HealthSlides3.10 MB

Mental Health Education

A series of FREE educational evenings on mental health and emotional wellbeing designed for primary care practitioners in Ipswich and east Suffolk.

Wednesday 9 December 2020, 7pm - 8.15pm

The Suffolk Wellbeing Service will be delivering a presentation on their service delivery. The audience will learn about the stepped care model and the different interventions within each step. The social team will be introduced as well as the exciting new developments within the service. View Flyer

To allow more people to benefit from this teaching, all sessions have been filmed or recorded. The videos are accessible to any primary care staff (most do not need a password) and are great way of doing some online learning from home.  Resources from each session are also available online.

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