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LD Covid education videos

The LD Steering Group have created a virtual library delivering learning and development to help raise awareness of the Learning Disability Agenda and inform clinicians of the future.

Videos all open in new browser window via Panopto.com

For a copy of Sensory Impairment and Learning Disability (presentation with voice over), please email (unfortunately too large for upload).

Learning Disabilities

An educational evening on Learning Disabilities including Special Educational Needs and Development,  a parent's story, LeDeR, ACE Anglia and LD Liaison Nurses. 1hr 40mins

Video timings:

0:00:01 Welcome - Ben Solway
0:00:51 Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) - Tabitha Griffin (15mins)
0:16:10 Richard's story - Sheila Handley (30mins)
0:46:57 Learning Disability Mortality Review programme (LeDeR) - Christine Hodby & Sally Ryan (15mins)
1:00:30 Primary Care LD Nurses, Reasonable Adjustments and Health Checks - Andrea & Daisy, ACE Anglia Advocacy and Jerry Newman, Primary Care LD Liaison Nurse (40mins)


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