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Help wildlife by treating yourself without medication - by Dr John Hague

by Ipswichandeastsuffolk ccg on 07 April 2015 07:38
Articles in The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, and other newspapers have recently revealed to a wider audience an academic paper published by The Royal Society.  Dr Kathryn Arnold and others from The University of York, looked at the effects of the antidepressant Fluoxetine (Prozac) on the behaviour and weight of common Starlings. 

Advice for asthma sufferers in the winter - by Dr Mike McCullagh

by Ipswichandeastsuffolk ccg on 07 April 2015 07:15
With winter nearly upon us, there is more likelihood of catching a cold or ‘flu.  That means asthma sufferers will have more difficulty breathing. Now I know we will all be exposed to these types of viruses – it is difficult not to be in a room between November and February where someone has something!

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