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Return, Recycle, Reuse
01 March 2017
Are you or any of your family still in possession of a piece of medical equipment that you or they no longer require? If so we’d like to make a polite request – can we please have it back so it can be used to help someone else?
Open the Bag!
25 February 2017
Our new campaign is encouraging people who get prescription medicine to open their bag at the pharmacy and hand back anything they don’t need.
Self Care Week 2016
10 November 2016
This year’s Self Care Week takes place from November 14-20. This year’s theme is health literacy and the strapline is Understanding Self Care for Life.
Lung Cancer Awareness Month
01 November 2016
Lung cancer awareness month take places every November in the UK. Lung cancer is the most common cancer in the world. In the UK, around 44,000 new cases are diagnosed each year.
Lupus Awareness Month
17 October 2016
Lupus Awareness Month takes place during October in the UK every year.

Lupus is a potentially life-threatening autoimmune disease which is often invisible to everyone except those living with it!
International Infection Prevention Week
17 October 2016
The 2016 theme for International Infection Prevention Week is “Break the Chain of Infection”, spreading the message about how the public and healthcare professionals can help “Break the Chain of Infection” in healthcare settings and in the community.
World Scleroderma Day 2016
27 June 2016
Scleroderma is an autoimmune disease that causes severe disability and can be life threatening.
How to manage your conditions and help the NHS
01 June 2016
The NHS in Suffolk spent £3,417,719 on prescribing for all these conditions in 2015/16.
Mental Health Awareness Week 2016
12 May 2016
Mental Health Awareness Week 2016 takes place from 16-22 May, with the theme of relationships.
World Lupus Day
03 May 2016
There is no boundary to the impact of lupus. Lupus is a global health problem that affects people of all nationalities, races, ethnicities, genders and ages.
Salt Awareness Week
01 March 2016

Monday 29th February - Sunday 6th March is Salt Awareness Week.
It's all about looking out for hidden salt. Watch out! 75% of the salt we eat is hidden in the food we buy. Eat less than 5g a day to improve your health.

March 2016 is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
01 March 2016
Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cause of cancer death in women, accounting for more UK deaths than all of the other gynaecological cancers put together.
National Obesity Awareness Week
11 January 2016
JanUary 2016, which is taking place between 11 and 17 January, is intended to raise awareness of obesity and the positive steps the public can take to live a healthier lifestyle.
The Dry January Challenge
06 January 2016
Here’s the thing, we all love talking about alcohol but are we having the right conversations? We want you to join us for 31 days of booze free bliss (or sheer struggle depending on how you see things!)
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