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The Dry January Challenge

Here’s the thing, we all love talking about alcohol but are we having the right conversations? Alcohol Concern want you to join them for 31 days of booze free bliss (or sheer struggle depending on how you see things!)

The idea is that you to go to that party, to turn up for that pub quiz, to go for that long weekend away, but ditch the wine and beer and choose a soft drink for company instead. People are bound to ask you what you’re up to and hey presto you’re talking about what you drink, why you drink, the last time you went for a month without a drink...

Last year people said they enjoyed the challenge; some people lost weight, some slept better, almost everyone saved cash and said they’d try and reduce their drinking for the rest of the year.

So go on, sign up, join us and get ready to go dry.

Public Health England supports Dry January campaign

Public Health England (PHE) is supporting Alcohol Concern’s campaign to encourage people to take a break from alcohol and have a Dry January in 2016 to reset their drinking habits. New figures from PHE and Alcohol Concern show that 2 in 5 of us, who drink more than usual during the festive season, feel they need a break from alcohol. Research carried out earlier in 2015 showed 67 per cent of participants had sustained reduced levels of drinking six months after completing Dry January.

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Dry January booklet

GOV.UK: Alcohol weary Brits admit they need a break

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Join the thousands who are taking a break from booze. You may save a few quid, lose a few pounds, and feel more energised and refreshed in the process.

Find out more, get involved and sign up at Dry January.

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